Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

Our Staff

The baseline manpower of Novena University is based on high quality workforce made up of academic, non-academic and other professionals. There is a progressive capacity building programme in place to meet the needs of the system both in the short and long term basis.
His Royal Majesty King Alfred Diete Spiff, Amanyanabo of Twon Brass.


Principal Officers

Proprietor & Pro Chancellor:                    Chuks Ochonogor

Vice Chancellor:                                           Prof Godwin Chukwuenweniwe Nduka

Registrar:                                                        Pastor Linus Ilogho

Librarian:                                                        Mr. Azuka Chegwe

Bursar:                                                            Mr. Ojodume Udeme


Academic                                                        Number

Professors:                                                         30

Associate Professors/Readers:                      6

Visiting Prof / Sabbaticals:                              25

Senior Lecturers:                                              24

Lecturer I, II, Asst. Lecturer :                           72

Graduate Assitants:                                         11

Total Academics:                                              168


Other Academic Support Staff

Lab Technologists:                                           6

Secretaries  & Admin Officers:                       22



Administrative and Professional Cadres

Directors:                                                                            7

Deputy Directors:                                                              3


Chief Officers

Provosts:                                                                             3

Deans (Student Affairs; & PG School)                           2

Chief Security Officer:                                                       1

Engineers/Technical Officer Works:                               5

Senior  Officers:                                                                 10

Officer I                :                                                               20

Officer II:                                                                              15

Executive & Technical Officers

Senior Executive Officers:                                                   5

Senior Technical Officers:                                                   3

Higher Executive Officers:                                                 14

Executive Officers:                                                                7

Senior Clerical Officers:                                                      5

Senior Driver /Mechanic II:                                                 8

Security Guards (Marshals):                                             16

Security Guards (Patrolmen):                                           40

Head Porters:                                                                      15

Cleaners:                                                                             29

Gardeners:                                                                           8

Secretaries:                                                                        27