Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences comprises of four departments: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Computer Science/Mathematics, Energy and Petroleum Studies.

The college ensures and strongly emphasizes on a sound foundation in the physical sciences, especially Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This is to ensure the relevance of our degree programmes to national manpower needs and that our graduates remain competitive anywhere in the world by being abreast with scientific advances and practices.


The College is administered by the Provost, who is the administrative and academic head of the college. The Provost is assisted by the College Officer, heads of departments, College Board and various college committees.

The College programmes are based on the philosophy that science, both natural and applied are necessary for the progress of a nation. Towards this the college contributes to the national economic development by training science graduates with

  • Solid grounding in basic natural and applied sciences
  • Good knowledge and experimental skills essential in creativity work.
  • Understanding and the application of theoretical scientific principles.
  • Acquiring skills in solving real-life problems.
  • Basic knowledge of entrepreneurial and management principles for career development.
  1. Department of Energy and Petroleum Studies running B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., and Ph.D. in + Petroleum Refining and Production + Oil and Gas Technology + Geology and Petroleum Studies + Environmental Management
  2. Department of Biological Sciences running B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., and Ph.D. in + Microbiology + Biomedical Science + Environmental Microbiology

Philosophy and Objectives of the College

The objective of the college is to provide students with requisite knowledge and skills natural and applied sciences. As such the college focuses teaching in areas that will meet Nigeria’s needs for graduates in physical sciences especially in the fields of energy and petroleum studies, computer/mathematical sciences, chemical and biological sciences, with employment possibilities in research and development, industries, manufacturing in the private and public sectors of the economy.

College Provost - Prof. V. O. Ndubueze