Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

College of Medical and Health Sciences

About the College

The College of Health Sciences is a multi-disciplinary team committed to the promotion of health and welfare services. It is to serve as a center for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine and related areas. The college is committed to the transformation of existing health services in the public and community. This can be achieved through pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and community services.

The goals of College of Health Sciences is to produce health professionals for the national and international scene who are:

  • Equipped with the necessary scientific and professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to deal with the health care problems of urban and rural communities, families and individuals.
  • Motivated to work in both urban and rural primary health settings and who can find professional and personal satisfaction in such work activities.
  • Motivated to work in health care teams to the benefit of the people that they serve.
  • Motivated to educate communities, families and individuals to take personal responsibility for their health and understand the basis for the prevention and management of illness.
  1. School of Medicine running Medicine And Surgery – MBBS
  2. School of Dentistry running Bachelor of Dental Surgery – BDS
  3. School of Pharmacy running Doctor of Pharmacy – Pharm.D
  4. School of Optometry running Doctor of Optometry – O.D.
  5. School of Nursing running B.N.Sc. Nursing Science
  6. Department of Medical Laboratory Science running B.M.L.S. Medical Laboratory Science
  7. Department of Public and Community Health running B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., Ph.D. in Public and Community Health specializing in + Public Health + Community Health + Environmental Health + Primary Healthcare + Epidemiology + Biostatistics + Health and Safety Management + Health Information System

Objectives of the College

  • Develop academic programmes that will enable the college to be the center of excellence in health profession education

  • Offer academic linkages with other national; and international institutions offering similar programmes

  • Identify and establish community development programmes in partnership with the community and service providers.

Currently the college houses seven (7) departments ie Public and Community Health; Anatomy; Optometry; Physiology; Nursing; Medical Laboratory Science; and Pharmacology.

College Provost - Prof (Mrs) E. O. Igumbor