Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

Code of Conduct

It is important to state that students of NUO, like those of other institutions, or any other person for that mater, are to obey the laws of the nation and strive their utmost best to co-habit peacefully with their neighbours.

The University has a clear responsibility in the area of students’ conduct and security in order to protect and promote the pursuit of its mission.

In an effort to foster a community in which there is a free and open development of comfort, freedom and ideas, the University is committed to maintaining an environment that is free of discriminations and harassments of all sorts.

Consequently, the Governing Council stipulates that any student, faculty member, administrator or employee, who, acting individually (or in concert with others), clearly obstructs or disrupts, or attempts to obstruct or disrupt any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary or any other activity, authorized to be discharged or held in the University, is considered by the Council to have committed an act of gross irresponsibility, misconduct and should be subject to disciplinary procedures, possibly resulting in dismissal or termination of appointment. However, where it appears to the VC that any student of the University has been guilty of misconduct, he (the VC) may direct that such student be sanctioned appropriately. Such sanctions may range from loss of privileges to expulsion from the University. The VC may however delegate this power to a disciplinary board consisting of such members of the University as the Dean of Student Affairs as its Chairman. In all cases, a dissatisfied student has right of successive appeals, first to the Governing Council and finally to the Board of Trustee.



  • All Students must obey all the rules and regulations listed below without exemption.
  • You must respect the rights of other students.
  • You must not engage in cultism, or be a member of any secret cult.
  • You must attend all your classes promptly. Attendance of less than 75% automatically disqualifies you to take the end-of-semester examinations.
  • You must not offer sex, money or other enticement in exchange for higher grades or for altering/forging any records or documents.
  • You must not engage yourself in any activity, which is capable of tarnishing the ,image of Novena University.
  • You must dress decently as indicated below:

Dress Code for Men

  • The physical appearance of an individual is largely a reflection of his/her values and character
  • We expect all students to dress decently at all times, in and out of classrooms.
  • The following dress codes shall be enforced during class hours, Monday through Friday.
  • Students shall dress corporately to their lecture halls, examination halls and special occasions, such as Matriculation, Convocation and Public Lectures.
  • Students are expected to be clean shaven, with their hairs well-groomed and regularly combed.
  • Students may wear complete Nigerian attires or French suites. When ties are worn, the tie-knot must be pulled up to the button of the dress shirt.
  • Wearing of long-sleved shirts without buttoning the sleeves is not allowed.
  • Flying of shirt collars is prohibited.
  • Shirts must be properly tucked into trousers, which are then belted up appropriately.
  • Pulling down of one’s trousers to hip line, such that the bottom of these trousers drag along the ground, is prohibited.
  • Wearing of indecent jeans of any kind is prohibited.
  • Slippers are prohibited in classrooms during classes, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.
  • The use of face caps in the lecture and examination halls are prohibited.
  • Wearing of scarves, braided hairs or earrings by male students is strictly prohibited.
  • Wearing of bangles, necklaces, chains and rings (except marriage rings) by male students are prohibited.
  • Violations of the dress code by male students can earn a student suspension; and if a student does not desist from violating the dress code, he could be suspended or expelled.

Dress Code for Women

Females who are potential mothers of tomorrow, are particularly subject to proper dressing.

  •   Accordingly, female students will not be permitted to dress anyhow, especially outside their hostels.
  •   No nude or near-nude appearance will be tolerated anywhere on the campus of Novena University.
  •   Short, skimpy dresses, show-me-your-chest, show-me-your-navel, transparent/see-through dresses are banned during school hours, Monday through Friday.
  •   Wearing sleeveless dresses or dresses with very tiny singlet-like straps (spaghetti strap) are strictly prohibited.
  •   Wearing of transparent dress which exposes an under wear or any part of the body which is normally expected to be covered in public is prohibited.
  •   All dresses and skirts must be at, or below the knees.
  •   Wearing of slippers and half-shoes should be restricted to hall of residence.
  •   Wearing more than one earring on the nose, or wearing earrings on other parts of the body besides the ears, is prohibited.
  •  Wearing leg-chains is extra-ordinary, it tends to create undesirable social classes among female students and are therefore prohibited.

Novena University is determined to bring up a new breed of Nigerians who will be the leaders of tomorrow. These potential leaders must be made to imbibe the right values and have respect for law and order under which they are governed.