Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

Campus Life

Novena University prides herself of being a private tertiary institution creating a homely experience for all students on campus. Our students are guaranteed of adequate security and a conducive learning environment.

No Interruption in academic programmes

Find out all you need to know about applying for accommodation, rent payments, what to do when you arrive and read up on the rules and regulations.

Cordial Relationship among staff and students

Working harmoniously with the Proprietor, the Governing Council and Board of Trustees

University Community welfare

Protect the welfare of all students and staff irrespective of their nationality, religion, state, creed, political affiliation, class, tribe or ethnic group

Freedom of Worship

Support and encourage reasonable activities that promote national integration.

Decency and Moralty

Integrating morality into academic and staff work life


24 hours security surveillance and lots more

Undergraduate Activities

The University offers undergraduate courses for men and women, leading to a Bachelor of Science degrees granted by the University. Beginning from March 2010, graduates of Novena University received Novena degrees with the University seal and countersigned by Chairman Board of Trustees.

University Sports

Details about various sporting activities comes in here…

Student Sports

The spirit of sportsmanship.

IT Services

Novena University is 100% ICT driven. We have various ICT centers equipped with computers with internet connection to give students access to information.


We have over 6 cafeterias within the school premises where students can choose various delicacies ranging from local to intentional dishes which has been subsidized for students.

Community Engagement

Learning through community engagement is deeply embedded in our mission, our values and our character at Novena University. The Center for Community Engagement offers a wide variety of programs that provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to engage in meaningful work in the community.