Novena University,
Delta State, Nigeria

Academic Pattern

Novena University will commence its teaching and research activities through Colleges and Departments which will form the major academic units of the university. The university will operate the collegiate system but the colleges will by no means be mutually exclusive or self-contained. Thus, students will be compelled to take inter or intra college/departmental courses and thereby receive lectures from colleges and departments other than their own.

Apart from the collegiate structure, the University will establish Institutes, Centres and Schools. The Graduate School for instance, will provide the administrative focus responsible for co-ordination of postgraduate programmes in the university; this will provide the prospective students with a broad-based foundation for scientific, social, cultural and physical development. The initial academic development of the University is underlined by a nuclear concept such that majority of the core elements to be found later in the University at its full maturity, would be available at inception. By so doing the same moral, scientific, technological and vocational vision would run through the academic structure from inception to full maturity of the University.

In order to reap the benefits of grouping inter-related disciplines together, the University will establish the following colleges and departments in phases:

The academic development of the university will be carried out in three phases. The salient features of the phases are presented in the following sub-sections:
Phase I
Phase I commenced from the first academic session after the Federal Government’s approval. The University had three (3) colleges at inception with the full complement of departments and programmes. They include:

College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS):
Department of Mathematics;
Department of Physical Sciences;
Department of Chemical Sciences;
* Department of Computer Science;
Department of Biological Sciences;
Department of Environmental Management;
Department of Maritime and Aeronautical Studies
* Computer Science will be transferred to the relevant college in the second

College of Food Science and Technology (CFAST):
· Department of Tourism;
· Department of Food Science and Technology;
· Department of Home Economics;
· Department of Microbiology;
· Department of Nutrition and Dietetics;
· Department of Agriculture.

College of management and Social Sciences (CMSS):
Department of Economics;
Department of Sociology and Psychology;
Department of Political Science;
Department of Accounting;
Department of Business Administration; and
Department of Mass Communication (Communication Management)